live lounge music for galas, incentives and conventions in Europe
chill-out lounge music

live electronic music

Live electronic music - that is one of the main metiers of project groove. The mixture of real instruments and live-electronic is the main concept of the lounge music band.

what do we understand by live electronic music

For us live electronic music means putting the best things of both ideas - live music and electronic background music - together. Live electronic music means interaction & reaction with the audience, the location ... It's something different then just insert a cd in a player and press the button. It's handmade live music.

lounge music

Lounge music, that's music for people in the mood to hang around, enjoy doing nothing. Music for relaxing people. At the bar, in the club, as background music for sport events and business events ... Lounge music is a very pleasing music. Especially when the lounge music is produced right now - as a capture of the present.

live lounge music

When you are into organizing events or managing conzerts you know how difficult it is to offer your guests or customers something new. Something the have not seen at every other party. When you manage it to make the people say: "oh, that's cool! I've never seen something like this" then you made it. You make them rember back to the party later on. One thing could be to book a special band live project groove. For example, on every second event you get the chance to see a coverband or a jazz-band. But what about a lounge music band playing chill-out music absolutely live? - we are pretty sure that this is something special

dance music

People want to dance. That was true for at least some hundreds years - and is still true. To shake it and turn loose is what people want after a stressful day in the office.

live house

For certain we do also play uptempo live house music for clubs. It's just something different listening to a live band instead of watching a dj changing his vinyls. - Always with a funky touch - that's the project groove way of live music on the edge.

live electronic music only in Vienna?

It's right, the lounge band project groove performs mainly in Vienna / Austria but we are also looking forward to our first lounge music gig in Munich and Berlin. In general you can book us for every destination. No matter where your club is, no matter where your event takes place.

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