project groove - lounge music band

project groove - live lounge music

Do you enjoy listening to lounge music? Then you might like the band project groove. They play live lounge music, chill-out house and soul-house for events like conventions, company parties, galas, dinner-parties, ..

project groove - one band, one approach

The approach to music is different to a usual jazz band. Instead of a drummer we make us of electronics / computers to provide a solid beat in the background (or for house venues even in the foreground). For smaller gigs, even the bass is produced by electronics - which of course does not mean, that the music comes from a playback device. It's just produced live by our "dj" with the help of his laptop.

project groove - all live

One thing is true for us. WE PERFORME LIVE. Without exeptions! Although we work with computers on stage, a concert of project groove doesn't have to do anything with playback music. Our music is 100% live performed because we believe in live music. We don't want to sit back and let the computer do the job - we just make use of the computer as a modern instrument. But you can assure yourself of this by joining a live show of project groove

project groove - bigger and more colourful

For bigger venues we extend our band with a live percussionist and a bass player playing both acoustic upright bass and synthesizer basses.

project groove - reduced to the max

For small clubs, stores openings etc. we reduce our band to the maximum. Gladly our guitar player is also a singer. So you see - just having two instruments covered by one. In addition our keyboarder is also into live-electronics. So all you need to have live lounge music is at least two people although it might sound slightly better if you choose more people joining the stage (at least 4 are recommended).

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